Annual Fire Safety Statement

Annual Fire Safety StatementS

An Annual Fire Safety Statement is required by council & the NSW Fire & Rescue to be conducted by a qualified technician annually.

Central Coast Smoke Alarm Services are qualified to conduct these tests & will provide your workplace with the documentation to meet the requirements of the Environmental Planning & Assessment Regulation 2000 – Division 5, Clauses 175 & 178.

To ensure your workplace meets these legal requirements, we will check your installed fire safety equipment such as:

    • Exit Lighting
    • Emergency Lighting: Exit Lights & Emergency Lighting require a 90 minute test to ensure the lights work for at least that length of time on battery power alone is a legal requirement of the AFSS.
    • Fire equipment such as Fire Extinguishers, Hose Reels & Fire Blankets
    • Fire Doors 

When do you need an Annual Fire Safety Statement?

~ Before a Final Occupation Certificate can be issues for new buildings (or alterations / extensions to buildings)

~ Before a Final Occupation Certificate can be issues to allow a change of building sue for an existing building

~ Or in the event that a Council issues a Fire Safety Order

You will be provided 3 copies of this report to meet your requirements within this legislation so you can:

  1. Forward a copy to NSW Fire Brigade
  2. Attach a copy to your Safety Statement for Council
  3. To meet your requirements under this legislation to display the certificate predominantly within the building

Let’s work together to avoid:

  • Failure to submit an Annual Fire Safety Statement could also lead to civil or criminal proceedings in the Land and Environment Court. The maximum penalty for a breach is $110,000
  • Faulty or expired fire safety equipment can put people’s lives at risk! Failure to keep your fire equipment up to date or not lodging an Annual Safety Statement could also void your Fire Insurance
  • Regardless of the Lease Terms, the responsibility of fire safety does fall to the Landlord
  • In the event that a Council disputes or finds a building not compliant with Fire Safety, we will liaise with council & Landlords/Strata Managers to ensure that the non-compliant issue is resolve

What now?

To get started, please email us a copy of your requirements from council. We will work with you to ensure these fire safety measures are met.