For: Landlords

For: Landlords

Following the death of a 55 year old man in a rental house fire, Deputy State Coroner issued a harsh reminder to all Landlords.The annual smoke alarm compliance service, maintenance & testing in all residential rental & holiday accommodation properties is the sole responsibility of the property owner

Residential Tenancies Regulation 2010, Residential Tenancy Agreement, Smoke Alarms, Clause 38

The Department of Fair Trading

Smoke Alarm Annual Compliance Testing, Service & Maintenance

Landlords – It’s the LAW & it’s YOUR responsibility

The Legislative Standards require Landlords of all residential tenancy & holiday rental accommodation properties ensure an Annual Smoke Alarm Compliance Service, Inspection & Test is conducted. This legally required compliance test MUST include –

  • Correct placement, location & number of smoke alarms
  • All smoke alarms are not past expiry date (10 years from date of manufacture)
  • Alarms tested annually with both manual test button & simulated smoke
  • Alarms have a decibel reading greater than 85 to wake sleeping residents
  • New batteries installed every 12 months & with change of tenancy
  • A Compliance Certificate is issued
landlords have been warned by their insurers:

If a property does not comply with Smoke Alarm Legislation & Regulations the insurers have the right to deny cover in the event of a fire, particularly if the fire results in injury or death of the occupants”

The annual inspection conducted by Strata Management companies is an fire safety inspection of the building, Only 80% of the building needs to be tested to be compliant. This leaves 20% of the building non tested & potentially unsafe. A Smoke Alarm Compliance Certificate is not issued for each individual apartment therefore is not sufficient or comprehensive enough to meet residential tenancy legislation & regulations.

Central Coast Smoke Alarm Services’ $75.00 all inclusive Annual Agreement ensures you are completely protected under all smoke alarm & fire safety Legislation & Regulations.

Is it worth taking the RISK for a tax deductible $1.45 per week?

Smoke alarm residential & holiday rental property compliance is a mandatory legal requirement under Residential Tenancies Regulation 2010 Schedule & Fair Trading Residential Tenancy Agreement Sections 38 & 39.

The services & systems provided by Central Coast Alarm Services makes your legal obligations easy to implement, achieve & maintain – taking away risk & giving you peace of mind.

Central Coast Smoke Alarm Services is dedicated to bring you peace of mind, excellent customer service with reports & certificates promptly provided in a format convenient to you, complete the services & tests to the highest standard & will remind you when the Annual Smoke Alarm Compliance Test is due for retest.

Call today for a FREE quote or to discuss how we can help keep you protected, save you time & safe from possible litigation.

Landlord Information Pack Landlord Information Pack (8261 KB)