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For: Real Estate Agents

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Managing Agent’s Legal Responsibilities


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What do Managing Agents have to do?

What does CCSAS do for you?

  • Residential Tenancies Regulation 2010 Schedule 1 Standard Form Agreement Clause 4(1) mandates it is the responsibility of Landlords to ensure smoke alarms are installed, tested, serviced & maintained annually
  • Therefore, as the legal representative of your Landlords it is the responsibility to Managing Agents to advocate for Landlords & have precise, detailed & complete documentation of the systems you have in place to ensure the installation, annual testing, service & maintenance of smoke alarms in all rental properties as part of your standard business practices & procedures
  • Some Managing Agents & Landlords are unclear of their responsibilities & assume they have sufficiently fulfilled their legal responsibilities if:
    a) Smoke alarms are fitted in propertiesb) A ‘Push Test’ is conduct.
    c) An annual inspection conducted by Strata Management companies in apartment complexes

Smoke alarm residential rental holiday property compliance is a mandatory legal requirement under Residential Tenancies Regulation 2010 Schedule & Fair Trading Residential Tenancy Agreement Sections 38 & 39. The services & systems provided by Central Coast Alarm Services makes you legal obligations easy to implement, achieve & maintain, taking away risk & giving you peace of mind. Central Coast Smoke Alarm Services is dedicated to bring you peace of mind, excellent customer service with reports & certificates promptly provided in a format convenient to you. We follow through to completion ensuring the service & test is conducted to the highest standard. We will also remind you when the Annual Smoke Alarm Compliance Test is due for retest. Call today for a FREE quote or to discuss how we can help keep you protected, save you time & safe from possible litigation.