Smoke Alarm Emergency Callouts

Smoke Alarm Emergency Callouts

Smoke Alarms sometimes beep – for NO REASON…. and it has the ability to drive you & your family crazy! No smoke, no fire….just the noise!

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We had a callout this week to a property that was new to one of our client’s Rental Roll, of which both of the 2 alarms in the property

were beeping non-stop. This meant they weren’t able to move the renters in with this happening, for both safety AND Sanity reasons.

We were able to attend the property before the date the tenants moved in to replace the units and fix the problem.

This was all done at no additional costs to the Landlord or Real Estate as the $75/year Smoke Alarm Compliance covers Emergency Callouts & also covers when tenancy changes, we attend the property to change the battery & check the unit as well.

Some reasons a smoke alarm might sound an alarm are:

The alarm sound might range from 2 beeps every hour to a consistent sounding of the alarm. Stopping you from sleeping, eating or even thinking.

Some tenants simply remove the battery or the smoke alarm from the roof to stop the sound – but this only stops the noise, then your house is without smoke alarm protection!

Smoke Alarms Save Lives…so don’t mess about if you think there is an issue.

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